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Pay-Per-Click Telephone Calls

We specialize telephone PPC that makes your phone ring with the quality calls that lead to sales.

  • We design and manage AdWords and Bing Ads pay-per-click campaigns that not only bring people to your site but make them pick up the phone and call.
  • We’ll track clicks all the way through your sales process, and discover which keywords actually generate phone calls and sales.
  • Do you use a CRM system, database, or spreadsheet to manage leads and sales? We’ll integrate with your system and use that valuable data to bring in more and better calls.

Increase both the quantity AND quality of your phone calls

  • Can you differentiate organic calls from PPC calls?
  • Do you know which keywords are driving the RIGHT calls?
  • Are you tracking calls throughout the entire sales process?
  • Are you continuously incorporating call data into your PPC settings to improve the ROI of your entire campaign?

Our call rating system allows your staff to give feedback on call quality. We use this data to bring you more high-quality calls and avoid time-wasting, low quality calls.

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Our Years of Experience Will Save You Time and Money

You probably know how much you pay per click … but do you know how much you pay per call? More important, do you know how much you pay per QUALITY call? Have you ever had a situation where your calls increased but your results didn’t? One of our health care clients first came to us because they were receiving lots of bad calls — people looking for free or government-paid services. They knew their keywords were generating lots of clicks and calls, but couldn’t figure out why so many were looking for services they didn’t provide and wasting their budget and staff resources. We solved this problem for them by tracking which phone calls were coming from which keyword — and found that a small number of specific keywords were leading to most of these irrelevant calls. By removing these — and blocking similar search results with negative keywords — we stopped the flood of money-wasting calls and dramatically increased qualified inquiries and leads.

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Turning Clicks Into Calls that Convert

Another powerful way to improve your online marketing and advertising efforts through AdWords and Bing Ads PPC is by integrating your telephone and call systems with your CRM or database. It’s time to stop thinking of AdWords as pay-per-click advertising, and time to start thinking of it as pay-per-call advertising. If you aren’t using Telephone-Specific PPC techniques for Lead Generation, you are definitely wasting time and money and missing out on valuable sales prospects.

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