Scientific Keyword Evaluation:
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At Better PPC we set-up and manage PPC campaigns based on a unique combination of highly-experienced on-staff PPC experts and our own systems and protocols developed from years of experience and under the guidance of the former lead programmer from Google’s AdWords team (one of first 100 Google employees and part of the team that developed the AdWords quality score algorithm). Our approach to Keyword Evaluation is one example of how we save our clients thousands of dollars per month.

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Scientific PPC Keyword Evaluation


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Desired Cost per Conversion

This is the MOST important factor for most clients. You decide the value (how much you are willing to spend) on each “conversion” – for each keyword that results in highly qualified clicks, leads, sales calls, form completions, etc. We factor your budget for each of these leads into our process.

Conversion Rate

Too many companies waste too much money by misunderstanding this, or by failing to adjust their keyword settings and bids based on their desired outcome and the initial results of the campaign. Keywords should not be judged based on how much traffic they send to your site. Some keywords will send half as many visitors as others, but will result in twice as many sales! At Better PPC we correlate all keywords with the conversions they actually produce – not just on clicks!

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Quality Factor: Our “Secret Sauce”

Do you evaluate the “Lifetime Value” of your keywords? Let’s say you have 2 keywords that both cost the same and produce the same number of conversions (desired cost per conversion and conversion rate). Is there a difference between the two keywords? Should you spend the same amount on both, since they both produce the “same” results? Most accounts manage two keywords such as this as being “equal”. Our experienced staff looks closer, makes adjustments, and saves our clients thousands of dollars. How? Keyword #1 almost always brings customers who buy once – while (upon closer examination) Keyword #2 almost always brings customers who keep coming back to buy again and again. Exploiting this difference can be what enables your company to thrive, versus being a business that just “pays the bills”.

Keyword Bid Value: The Solution

Are you getting the results you want? Too many companies end up wasting thousands of dollars a month because they don’t have the time or expertise to monitor and evaluate keyword selection – bidding and adjusting based on individual results. There are many cases where it is worth bidding 4x as much on one keyword over a similar keyword that produced more clicks – because the more expensive keyword actually delivers higher quality leads. We have a dedicated team of experienced PPC professionals that continuously monitors and adjusts keywords and bids on all client accounts.

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