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PPC Management For Large, Complex Campaigns

Most PPC management companies will give you a junior account rep who may be “certified”, but who lacks real-world experience managing large accounts.

If you are a Fortune 500 company, a Fortune 1000 company, or simply sell lots of different products and services, your pay-per-click campaign needs to be designed and managed differently than it would for a very small company with a local customer-base. High-volume, large-spend accounts are not just “bigger” – they behave much differently on many levels. So you need somebody who is not just “certified”, but who has extensive experience setting up and managing large complex accounts.

We address the complexity inherent in larger accounts using a “hybrid” approach combining proprietary AdWords-based scripting and hands-on, expert supervision. Our approach removes human error, enabling rapid shifts in budget allocation and geographic differences.

Our Services Include

  • Conversion Tracking Setup – Conversion tracking is an absolute prerequisite for running a successful PPC campaign. If you don’t already have tracking set up, we will implement it for you.
  • PPC Client ndorsement
    Account Structure Optimization – In order to correctly bid each ad group or keyword, they first need to be clearly organized into precise, targeted ad groups – usually oriented around only one root keyword. We’re experts at this!
  • Keyword Expansion – Completely covering all the relevant keywords available allows you to pay less for each click and conversion. If this is not done properly, your campaign is losing money!
  • Traffic Quality Control – We exclude non-converting clicks by using negative keywords, network and demographic settings, and geographical settings to exclude poor performing traffic. We find that far too many accounts improperly manage each of these areas.
  • Time of Day, Day of Week Optimization – We analyze your campaign data to determine specific days of the week and/or times of the day when it is worth spending more, or where it makes sense to spend less.
  • Foreign Language Ads & Keywords – For some businesses we find that there may be additional customers who can be reached by advertising in other languages and other countries. We have in-house expertise in Spanish, and can optimize campaigns in any of the major languages.
  • Geographical Optimization – During our ongoing management, analysis and adjustment, we may divide your traffic into different geographic areas to see if they perform differently. We measure the conversion rate of each area, and adjust bids accordingly to maximize your ROI.
  • Account & Campaign Setting Optimization – Almost every new account we look at is wasting a large amount of money because the complicated settings in AdWords and Bing Ads are not correctly set up. This includes bidding types, budget options, ad delivery method options, position preference, ad delivery settings, content match settings, demographic settings, and more. AdWords and Bing Ads default settings will invariably cost you thousands of dollars per month in wasted clicks and missed opportunities.
  • Display Network Optimization – AdWords and Bing Ads offer Display Network ads on their partner sites which can be a valuable source of affordable, targeted traffic. However, this is a completely different environment than Search clicks, and must be set up separately in distinct campaigns, with different bidding structures, and then tracked separately from search campaigns.
  • Better PPC Management Bing Ads Experts

    Bid Management – Probably the single most important aspect of good pay-per-click management is bid management. We carefully bid each keyword and ad group according to its ROI, and attentively manage bids to keep them profitable. This ensures that your PPC budget is spent according to where it will generate the highest returns. Active bid management is time-consuming, but it is crucial to achieving good results.

  • PPC Ad Text Optimization
    Ad Text Optimization – Basically, it is to Google’s advantage when an ad earns more clicks, so in order to encourage advertisers to write ads that get a higher CTR, Google gives large discounts on the cost of clicks. This means that a well-written and tested ad that has a high CTR (click-through-rate) can be in the top of the paid search results, beating out even advertisers who bid far more.

    To Optimize Ad Text We:

  • Constantly write new ad copy.
  • Continuously test new ads against old ones.
  • Using specialized scripts we track each ad group until it has a statistically significant number of clicks to separate winning ads from losing ads.
  • We run and improve ads that test well and delete ads that don’t test well, continuously testing new ad copy.
  • Exact Matches & Close Variants for PPC

    Exact Matches & Close Variants – We prevent Google’s “broad match” and “close variant” algorithms from sending you irrelevant traffic. Google takes it upon itself to send you traffic based on what it calls “close variants” of your keywords. This takes place even if you choose “exact” or “phrase match” settings. For example, if your business is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation facility and you run an ad based on “exact match” for “rehab”, Google still sends you traffic for search terms like “spinal rehab” and “skilled nursing”. This can cost you thousands of dollars per month.

    To prevent this, we:

  • Use negative keywords to block problem close variant and broad matches.
  • Monitor the search terms to verify that your keywords are bringing the desired searches.
  • Ensure that your keywords are not bringing in irrelevant clicks and calls.

Managing Negative Keywords and Complex Variants

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At Better PPC we have a full-time staff of PPC experts who continuously monitor all of our clients’ PPC campaigns, correcting the many problematic “automatic” updates from Google that would otherwise be costing them thousands of dollars per month. We do this by manually entering “negative keywords” individually for each “close variant” that Google adds into the campaign on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for these “close variants” to number in the thousands on larger campaigns with lots of keywords – on one of our PPC accounts we have entered over 36,000 “negative keywords” to counteract the “close variants” that Google has added.

You may have time to set up a campaign and click, “Go”. But do you have the staff resources to continuously monitor and adjust your results so you are ONLY getting relevant clicks and traffic? Keep in mind, the “close variants” issue is just one of many complex calibration issues within Google … and there are dozens … and Bing has its own. At Better PPC we set-up and manage pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns based on a unique combination of highly-experienced on-staff PPC experts and our own systems and protocols developed from years of experience and under the guidance of the former lead programmer from Google’s AdWords team (one of first 100 Google employees and part of the team that developed the AdWords quality score algorithm).

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