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You Don’t Just Need Leads,
You Need Leads That Convert …

Pay-per-click advertising on AdWords and Bing Ads is hands-down the most measurable and cost-effective tactic for client and prospect Lead Generation. We take your PPC advertising to the next level by focusing not just on leads, but on quality leads – the ones that turn into sales.

With Better PPC’s Lead Generation services …

  • Get more prospects, clients and customers into your sales and marketing funnel at a lower cost-per-lead.
  • Save time and money by acquiring higher-quality, better-qualified prospects.
  • Attract visitors who are actively looking for what your company offers.
  • Flexibly bid on keywords throughout different stages of your sales and marketing funnel.
  • Lead Gen is about quality, not just quantity – get better leads at a lower cost-per-lead.
We help you find your way with expert PPC management.

Real World Example

A company in the health care industry came to us with a problem: although they were receiving calls all day long as a direct result of their PPC campaign, not enough calls were converting. We analyzed their call data and determined that the calls they received during specific morning hours were much more likely to result in a sale. We adjusted their settings to increase bid amounts in the morning hours, and re-allocated their budget accordingly. This, along with other changes, improved their ROI dramatically, bringing them more of the high performing calls during the hours when customers were most receptive.

Better PPC Management Possibilities
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Do Your Best Leads Come From The Phone?

If your business relies on phone calls for client or B2B lead acquisition, we can help improve your performance. We have extensive experience and expertise not just in generating calls, but generating quality calls that convert. Learn more about Telephone PPC Campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click is the most efficient and powerful tool for Lead Generation

Why? Most companies source lead generation through social media, blogs, buying lists, email campaigns, newsletters, SEO and organic search ranking results. All of these are important, but none offer the cost savings, immediacy and relevant targeting of PPC.

  • With pay-per-click, you engage with leads who are actively looking for what you offer.
  • You can count on high-quality traffic from real people who find you through the most popular search engines.
  • You control and track the volume of leads based on your PPC budget.
  • Fast results: You start getting high-quality leads within hours of starting your campaign.
  • You will know exactly where your leads are coming from, and the exact cost per lead.
  • A lead-gen strategy that relies on SEO can take months to produce results. Emails can easily annoy potential leads. PPC produces quick, relevant, high-quality results you can track.
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