Pay-Per-Click Consulting

What You DON’T Know is Costing You Thousands of Dollars per Month


PPC Consulting: Due to the complexity and continuous changes to Google AdWords and Bing Ads, we find that virtually 100% of campaigns we review are wasting money. Even if you’re managing your campaigns “in-house”, or feel that you are doing “OK” with your current provider, it is always good to have an outside analysis. Because we charge for our consulting services, we won’t just give you a sales pitch … we’ll give you an honest assessment of where you can improve your ROI.

  • We will review your existing campaign or advise you on your current operations.
  • Our consulting staff includes a Google veteran with 10+ years PPC experience.
  • Find out where your campaign is costing you money … and how to fix it.
  • Access a “virtual” team member without adding staff.
  • Gain insight into future challenges and start planning for them now.
  • Get an “outside analysis” of your existing PPC provider.

We’re the experts at managing large, complex PPC campaigns. Campaigns that feature numerous products and pricing points, multiple locations, and complex bid and keyword requirements, etc., need to be continuously optimized. Is your campaign running at maximum efficiency? How do you know? Better PPC can help you in these scenarios:

soar over your ppc challenges
  • Goal-Setting, Account Reviews and Account Structure/Re-Structuring.
  • Conversion Tracking & Customized Reports.
  • Text Ad Optimization.
  • Geo-Targeting.
  • Landing Page Optimization Recommendations.
  • Setting up telephone-centric PPC.
  • Setting up quality tracking system to track lead quality.
  • Connecting PPC with your CRM systems or call tracking systems.

We can target specific areas of your campaigns or provide a wide-ranging analysis of your overall PPC efforts and opportunities. Our consulting services start at $300 per hour. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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