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“Better PPC and Craig have been a huge part of our organization’s success. He has acted as though he was the most dedicated and involved ‘inside’ human resource. He considers our long-term success first and foremost and this brings tremendous alignment to our relationship and the successful outcomes he produces with our marketing campaigns. Moreover, he has been attentive and remarkably swift in addressing my feedback. I have been an executive for close to 30 years and Better PPC has been one of those amazing business relationships you wish you had more of.”

Glen Petcavage, Industry Executive


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Most PPC management companies and “experts” hang their hats on some sort of Google “certification”. At Better PPC, we started out as an affiliate marketing company, at the dawn of pay-per-click advertising. We ran affiliate marketing campaigns for Amazon and Zappos, where our ONLY profit came from commissions on sales – if we didn’t manage an account with absolute killer efficiency, we lost money. Every day, we simply had to try lots of different tactics and techniques on scores of different products to see what sold, for how much, based on different keyword bids at different prices. We just had to test …. test …. test …. We had to spend less money on PPC for each product than the cost of the product itself. For us, it was “make money on PPC or fail” – literally. We quickly gained a reputation as highly efficient and profitable affiliate PPC marketers, and some of our friends and colleagues began to ask us to review their accounts. Then, a funny thing happened …



Once we started reviewing other accounts as a favor to people we knew, we immediately realized something. The systems, protocols and practices we had established as “make a profit or fail” affiliate marketers were very different than what had become the “industry standard” PPC practices. When we reviewed even profitable PPC campaigns run by others, we saw that people were making the same mistakes over and over and over. It became clear to us that by incorporating our methodologies and PPC management practices we could turn money-losing campaigns into money-making campaigns, and we could even significantly increase the ROI on profitable campaigns. As Google AdWords and Bing PPC ads became multi-billion dollar industries and millions of businesses began advertising with pay-per-click, we switched from being affiliate marketers to focusing exclusively on PPC management.

Today, Google AdWords and Bing PPC are incredibly complex. And today, Better PPC is the recognized industry leader at managing large, complex PPC campaigns for companies spending a minimum of $10,000 per month on pay-per-click advertising.

  • A dedicated staff of PPC experts who constantly monitor and update client accounts.
  • Sophisticated Telephone-Specific PPC and PPC Lead Generation services.
  • Specialized expertise and services interconnecting CRM, and custom databases with large, complex PPC campaigns.
  • Developing and managing campaigns with numerous products, prices, conversion rates and profit margins.
  • Developing and managing campaigns with multiple geographic selling points, distribution points and languages.
  • Our staff leadership includes the former lead programmer from Google’s AdWords team – one of first 100 Google employees and part of the team that developed the AdWords quality score algorithm.
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That’s our story … we’re not “account managers” who passed some online certification. We’re not sales people who close a deal and then sub-contract to another continent. We’re industry veterans who learned PPC management in the trenches.

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